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  • Never try to “Wing It”. Make sure you plan out your destination a night in advance before the interview da... Read more

  • Check out on public transportation facilities and their schedules and take note of local traffic conditions in... Read more

  • You must be familiar with your interviewer. Conduct preliminary research with regard to your potential employe... Read more

  • Make it a point to take along several hard copies of your resume while attending the interview. Read more

  • Check twice the salary offered to you as well as your date of joining. Be accurate with your employment dates ... Read more

  • First impression makes a lot of difference. It is important to wear a dark, conservative suit along with polis... Read more

  • Be sure to be well- groomed. A nice haircut and a clean shave look do impress. Pretend to be the interviewer. ... Read more

  • Make sure you reach the site of the client 10-15 minutes early. This will allow you sufficient time to fill an... Read more

  • This is the right opportunity to excel. Always try to introduce yourself with a firm handshake as well as appr... Read more

  • Be enthusiastic throughout your interview. Read more

  • Make sure you answer all questions in confident manner. Read more

  • Be honest in your replies. Do not be too concerned about the questions. Instead try to show willingness and mu... Read more

  • Do not answer questions with an Yes or No. Try to provide well informed answers with examples from your person... Read more

  • Be up to the point in your replies, nothing more nothing less. Familiarize yourself with your audience. Your s... Read more

  • Thank the interviewer for the time taken. A firm handshake accompanied with good eye contact does leave behind... Read more

  • Incase of association with a recruiter then it is better to discuss him or her before itself about “thank yo... Read more